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Paul Vanderzee
Paul Vanderzee

The Secrets of Pinnacle Studio 11 Bonus DVD Keygen Crackl Revealed

i got annoyed by the need to separate clips with their own deletion timers. after a while, i had to give up on clips that i wanted to edit and delete at the same time. pinnacle studio 11 contains a powerful clip-combo manager. you simply enter the clip's key, and you can see its timescale and the clips to which it's assigned. this is a true keyframe-based editing interface rather than a timeline, so you can't scrub through it and jump to a frame. but since any given keyframe can take many clips, you can jump to a frame and then cycle through to find the one you want. this makes it easy to find and animate clips by type.

Pinnacle Studio 11 Bonus Dvd Keygen Crackl

a new analyze feature searches for keyframes in your clip and visually examines their appearance. you can isolate parts of the clip. for example, you can isolate the portion of a clip that's focused on the main subject, or you can make the subject stand out.

while you're busy working on your movie, pinnacle studio automatically adds a thumbnail-size preview of any clip that you've moved. you also get a tool called transitions, which lets you choose between left, right, up, and down movement. you also get the option of adding cross-fades. the bottom line: pinnacle studio lets you work fast while it makes it easy to add special effects without slaving over the timeline.

in certain other areas, pinnacle has improved things over pinnacle studio 10. there are more filters and effects built into the interface, and you can export to youtube directly from the timeline, with some caveats. there are also now options to sync sound levels from multiple inputs. still, you're limited to 15 inputs, and the maximum clip length is 8 minutes 30 seconds.


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